Wednesday, 2 January 2013


model railways 

Train Sets

Hornby train sets have a history going back nearly 100 years and have during that time combined great excitement with fantastic trains. The diverse range of Hornby train sets offer a variety of contents and formats designed to provide as much appeal as possible.
All Hornby train sets are packed with a MidiMat which incorporates a pictorial bird’s eye view of a fully sceniced layout, which provides the new set owner with the opportunity of seeing how by the simple addition of
Hornby Track and Building packs a superb layout can be created.  Each Hornby analogue set is complete with a mains transformer and controller which means that once t
he box is opened and the track assembled it is only a short while before the excitement begins.
This year’s selection of new sets includes 'The Flight of the Mallard' which includes a model of the World Speed record holder for steam locomotives, 'Mallard' plus three LNER coaches.  Power for this set is provided by the standard Hornby analogue control while for those who prefer digital or DCC control there are two new sets featuring the dynamic computer interface, the 'eLink'.  This amazing unit connects between a 'RailMaster' installed PC or laptop and the layout. Once all connected the full power of 'RailMaster' control can be unleashed!
How to make a layout
Be ready to put in some effort. It is one thing to admire railway layouts; making them, however, is quite another thing. Although making a model railway requires an eye for the littlest detail, it still becomes a very exciting outlet for your construction skills in putting bits of pieces together into a one breathtaking wConsider all the elements. This is hard at first for beginners. There are things that have to be given enough attention like the over all design, materials to be used and the general impact that a builder would want to project. It will also be of great help if you have a special knowledge of engineering, coordination and even electrical wiring to make everything not only beautiful, but also functional. It is important to be attentive about the precise detail of every single piece that is incorporated in the layout. A single bolt placed in the wrong place can make or break the entire project. Starting out can be a little tricky. The key rests in proper planning. After a while, things become much easier and fun to do, especially so when the intended design starts revealing itself in the actual construction.ork. Plan every detail. When doing this, it is important to focus not only on building but on making it as stunning as possible. After all, people admiring your work will be the greatest reward for the effort you will be putting into the project.
·                                 The first thing that has to be decided is the size of the model railway layout that will be built. This, of course, depends on the size of the baseboard, the availability of the materials, time allotted and the experience of the builder. For those who will just be trying how it is building this stuff, it is advised that you start with smaller projects. It is practicable to begin putting your project above bookshelves or by the corner table at home. For others who have already gained a reputation in this art, building a railway layout that is as huge as an entire room or building is often a real goal.
·                                 The next important thing is the design of the model. This part may sound easy but in truth this is the part that will determine the overall impact of the project. The design is not only a portrayal of how the model is supposed to look but should also include an estimation of the materials that will be used, measurement, scales and details on how will the trains be made to run smoothly on its tracks. The importance of a good and complete design is that it saves the builder time and effort and lessens, if not totally eliminates, wastage of materials.
  • Proceed laying out the image that you want to establish. Smaller models can be done single-handed but bigger ones will need reliable assistants. It will be important to have in the team someone who has a special knowledge in engineering to make sure that the trains will work.
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Develop the scenery. To make the model railway layout even more stunning it is important to give special attention to the scenery. It should appear just the way it is in real life. The secret is often found in the materials that are used and in the finish. A builder must remember that an ordinary viewer will hardly appreciate the layout even if the trains are running smooth and fast. The structure must be built in nice and beautiful surroundings too.